Step and Repeat Backdrop

Whether it is a star-studded festive or a big red carpet event, you can bring the excitement with a step and repeat backdrop and banners that can attract media to the big event.  However Step and Repeat Backdrop is not just for Hollywood Events and Entertainment PR, you can as well use them for small parties and events.

The custom step and repeat backdrop add the glamour to the event, and you don’t need bigger celebrities to attend your small party, still, you can make it an attractive and entertaining event with these step and repeat backdrop. An attractive banner or backdrop can easily attract the media and gives them a chance to photograph guests, attendees, and celebrities. At the same time, you get the opportunity to advertise your business, logo, brand, or event name.

The step and repeat backdrop display one or more logos of sponsors repeated in a diagonal or step alternating prototype, and designed particularly for media, so they can utilize it for the photography. The use of the background is to highlight a company logo, a brand name, or sports team during red carpet media press conferences, and special events.

You can find outstanding quality along with the best value on several websites and they are specialized in creating outstanding banners where you can find different designs. The professional team designs exceptional quality every time.

The professional team can design your step and repeat backdrop and email you for your approval, and once you approve the design, they will print the backdrop and ship it on the same day.  The service providers use the best shipping process; they use the big cardboard tube to place the banner to avoid wrinkles.

The colorful digital printing looks marvelous and it can easily attract the media as well the visitors. The distinctive images on matte-finish materials look stunning and during photo sessions, you can get the low glare for an optimum photo session. You can choose any step and repeat background color to match your requirements, although, the popular color is white.  You can also take help from the professional designers for an extra cost.  You just need to send your desired logos or images and the professional will design the patterns and send a proof in an email for your approval.


  • Faultless backdrop 8ftwide x 8ft tall
  • Resilient Vinyl Material with no wrinkles or creases
  • Sized for a four-person pose
  • Backdrop can be any color, but, white is the most preferable color
  • Free expert design services, you can order the design and get the proof through email
  • Complete color digital print
  • Multiple uses
  • Matte-finish for minimal or low glare

All your transactions will be double verified and secured and the service provider will not share your personal information, including e-mail addresses with anyone, and also the personal details will be encrypted and protected. Your order will be shipped out within one business day.  The materials that are used for step and repeat banners are flame resistant and treated with the flame-retardant chemical.

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